Hi, I’m Hannah Northrup, a freelance designer from Windsor, ON. I’m a graduate from the Graphic Design Advanced Diploma Program at St. Clair College. I have always had a safe and honest atmosphere to work in and wish to share that with my clients. With this in mind, I like to make new clients feel that I’m easily approachable and easy to talk to. Over time and experience, I have found that this way brings a certain trust between clients and I.


I can offer specialized services to my clients and produce the best work possible for them. Therefore, I’m committed to listening and sharing ideas to bring the best ideas possible forward. I talk with my clients and find what they want to achieve with their own business goals is what I dedicate my time for, no matter how small or large the task they bring to us. Success is what I want to do for you and by extension your company.


Each client and their needs are different and presents a new problem that I will face with new and unique creativity. Once I understand the task of a client presents to me, and then propose the best ideas that will be the best results for your business.

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